Potential for implementing innovative solutions in Almetyevsk, Tatarstan

Representatives of CLEANTECH LATVIA visited Almetjevsk, the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian federation between February 9 and 12, 2020. As part of the mission, representatives of the cluster members SunGIS met with housing and utilities employees, architectural and construction department employees, engineering owners, employees of the land and property relations chamber to present GoGIS system. Field representatives explained the role and role of GIS systems in resource management and discussed various other information and communication technology solutions. The role of GIS systems in system management were explained to industry experts, as well as various other information and communication technology solutions were discussed.

Topics for further development and mutually beneficial cooperation with management companies were identified during the meetings and discussions. By reviewing the daily work and operations of the municipality, our experts together with Almetyevsk authorities concluded that effective management of services requires new approach, in order to improve immediate decision-making and response to problems, emergencies or any other event. Launching the process of digitizing the city’s infrastructure by implementing GIS solutions to implement the smart-city concept will help to formulate a conceptual approach to urban development and, in the long term, will improve the quality of life. Establishing a city management center on a GIS-based platform will improve government collaboration with communities, response and management capabilities, and infrastructure monitoring. Collected information on urban development and ways to improve the quality of life will be the key to many challenges. To test the effectiveness of the system and to test its benefits, we proposed a pilot implementation of one of the GoGIS system modules that would run in test mode.

Jānis Zviedris, representative of INDUCONT, visited “Almetyevsk-Vodokanal” facility and together with experts of the company  performed the inspection of equipment, evaluated the necessity and validity of the existing wastewater treatment plant modernization project and discussed the selected technological processes, equipment and the reasons for choosing it. In the course of the above work, substantiated proposals and comments were made on the individual technological processes of the treatment plant based on practical experience and comments on the technological processes of the selected equipment treatment plant with regard to investment, operational simplicity and operating costs. This joint effort led the municipality to reflect on the possibility of using water more efficiently in the future.

Visit was supported by project “Cluster CLEANTECH LATVIA” No.