Grant Contract with the European Commision

We are pleased to announce that at the end of 2019 the CLEANTECH LATVIA on behalf of consortium has signed a grant contract with European Commission for the implementation of the project “Capacity building of industry associations serving engineering companies in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan” in the framework of Central Asia Invest V grant program Boosting Small Business Competitiveness.

The project aims to improve the capacity of industry associations to provide versatile and competitive services to engineering companies in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as to introduce engineering certification to ensure high quality standards in investment projects and develop a presence of micro, small and medium-sized companies in growing industries.

The following activities planned within the framework of the project:

  • To share and communicate European experience to representatives of associations in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
  • To develop content of training courses and certification program to improve MSME’s competitiveness.
  • To pilot training courses and certification program on MSMEs representatives from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
  • To evaluate results of piloting projects, adjust programs and introduce new services on regular basis of BIO’s.

The project will be implemented in consortium with 2 partners – UZACE (Engineering Consultants Association of Uzbekistan) and Kazakhstan SU Arnasy (Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan) until April 2023.

This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of CLEANTECH LATVIA and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.