CLEANTECH LATVIA attends international EREK conference

On September 25 -26, an international two-day conference on resorce efficiency and circular economy, organised by European Resource Efficiency Knowledge centre (EREK), was held in Brussels, Belgium. CLEANTECH LATVIA is a member of EREK network, so Jānis Zviedris, Chairman of the Board, also attended this conference.

During the conference, members of the EREK network discussed good practices for more efficient use of resources in manufacturing and services, creating better understanding of process improvement impact on circular economy.

One of the main topics amongst the members of EREK was wheter it’s possible to create an emission free environment, which is also topical for all European Union, regarding the plan to make European Union a zero emission environment by 2050.

Main speakers of the conference were European Commission policy designing representatives and industry representatives, which are on the path towards the zero emission target, following circular economy principles and guidelines.

During the conference CLEANTECH LATVIA representative Jānis Zviedris met with representatives of other countries, discussed the results of specific projects and agreed on possible cooperation on exploiting smarter resource use in the context of circular economy, especially emphasizing reduction of CO2 emissions.

Activities were implemented in the framework of project “Cluster CLEANTECH LATVIA” No.