The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia has approved a project to improve capacity in the fields of water supply and sewerage in Uzbekistan!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia has approved the implementation of the project “Capacity building for implementing investment projects in the fields of water supply and sewerage in Uzbekistan” submitted by CLEANTECH LATVIA!

The aim of the project is to strengthen the implementation capacity of investment projects in the field of water management by raising the qualification of the specialists of the investment project implementation group in the field of water supply and sewerage and promoting higher efficiency in the implementation of investment projects in Uzbekistan.

The project will be implemented in cooperation with partner JSC “UZSUVTAMINOT”, which unites all water supply and sewerage service structural units in Uzbekistan, and CLEANTECH LATVIA representative office in Uzbekistan.

In the long run, the project will promote the development of a sustainable and international in-depth training system for leading water professionals and managers, as well as the introduction of modern educational technologies and distance learning methods in the educational process.

Given the geographical location, the difficult climatic conditions, the limited water resources and the specific demographic situation in Uzbekistan, one of the most important preolems remains the supply of drinking water, requiring constant monitoring and immediate measures to improve drinking water supply services. Most of Uzbekistan’s water and sanitation infrastructure was built during the central planning of the Soviet Union and has reached the end of its life, so it must either be renovated or completely replaced.

Analysis of the current situation of the industry allowed to highlight the main problems:

  • lack of qualified specialists and employees in the water supply sector;
  • low level of motivation and incentives for employees in the industry;
  • weakness of corporate governance mechanisms, including the employee performance appraisal system;
  • high energy consumption and water losses;
  • insufficient development of information and communication technologies as well as asset management systems;
  • inefficient tariff policies, which have put the industry in an extremely difficult economic situation.

In view of the constant increase in population, construction of new residential areas, expansion of cities and settlements, the state and local governments must adopt a number of effective measures to radically improve the guaranteed water supply system. The aim of this system is to modernize and develop the water supply network, including water pipelines, pumping stations, distribution centers, based on the active introduction of modern energy and resource saving technologies. In solving such complex problems, the main role is given to the training of staff, which is the basis for the sustainable development of the entire water supply system.

Within the project a training course for capacity building of water management personnel will be implemented in order to more successfully and efficiently implement investment projects in the fields of water supply and sewerage, as well as to ensure the provision of quality services to specialists in the water sector.

In order to identify and summarize all the training materials implemented and planned so far by CLEANTECH LATVIA, the information will be identified by the keyword CleanTechHub. In the long run, the key word will be to create a specialist training and retraining platform CleanTechHub, where it will be possible to exchange best practices and experiences.

This publication was prepared with the financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.