ENGINE implementing parties develop growth strategies and learn about new practices

By the end of the last year, in the framework of the European Union co-funded project ENGINE, implementing parties Engineering Consultants Association of Uzbekistan “UZACE” (UZACE) and Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan Su Arnasy” (KSA) -, were working on their growth strategies with the help of an expert from Latvia, which specializes in corporate strategy planning, introduces partners to new approaches to promoting development, outlines the development of a sustainable and successful strategy and attraction of new customers. In total associations held 9 capacity building workshop sessions, discussing such matters as:

  • Good operating practices and development experience
  • Organization as a system – 9 element approach
  • Organization model and business model
  • Role of NGOs in industry and business development
  • Change management concepts and tools
  • Long term views – goals of associations
  • Definition of association key processes.

As a result of capacity building workshops both associations, UZACE and KAS have developed action plans for SMEs growth and relevant action plan for the 1st year, completed strategic development plan and execution plan for the 1st year.

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