Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance 6th partner meeting

CleanTech Latvia as a project partner participated in the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance 6th partner meeting, which held place from 9th to 11th April 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Partner meeting was hosted by the Alliance partner – the Danish Technological Institute.

The 6th partner meeting was attended by the project partners, associated partners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation case owners as well as the candidates of the project last call of the mentoring program and business advice and intellectual property right experts. More than 50 people from various companies and countries took part in the Alliance 6th partner meeting.

The main focus of the partner meeting:

  • Seminars and workshops for the project partners and cases with business advice experts about providing support for business development assessment and to the cases introduced focus points in development of the business and evaluation of its potential;
  • Seminar and workshop for the cases regarding protection and exploitation of the innovations;
  • Progress overview of the activities carried out until the partner meeting and evaluation of the remaining activities to be concluded before project finalisation;
  • Overview of the progress of the mentoring program cases since the acceptance to the program until the partner meeting;
  • Evaluation of the project last call applicants’ ideas of the mentoring program. After pitching session followed by discussion with the expert panel, four out of five cases were selected to join the Alliance mentoring program.

The next partner meeting is planned to be held in autumn this year, when project partners will look back at the progress of the project and the results of this partner meeting, as well as the necessary document preparation for the project finalisation.