Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance 4th partner meeting in April 2017, Sweden

CleanTech Latvia as a project partner participated in the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance 4th partner meeting, which held place from 3rd to 5th April 2017 in Gothenburg and Tjärnö, Sweden. Partner meeting was hosted by the Alliance partner – University of Gothenburg.

The 4th partner meeting was attended by the project partners, associated partners, 1st and 2nd generation case owners as well as the candidates of the mentoring program. In total more than 30 people from many companies and countries took part in the Alliance 4th partner meeting.

The main focus of the partner meeting was:

  • Finding tools and managing internal partner resources to improve the implementation process of the ongoing and future activities.
  • Welcoming the new case candidates. In total six applicants held their presentations in the pitching event for mentoring program – one from Latvia and Poland, and two from Finland and Denmark.
  • Getting acquainted with the Tjärnö marine station of University of Gothenburg and Kosterhavet Marine National Park.

The next partner meeting is planned to be held in autumn, when project partners will look back at the progress of the project and the results of this partner meeting, as well as the implementation of the further activities will be planned.