Latvia – Kazakhstan cooperation: The practical conference “The transition to „a green economy” through the introduction of environmentally – friendly technologies” December 5-7, Riga, Latvia

The practical conference will be held in the framework of Latvia – Kazakhstan cooperation “The transition to „a green economy” through the introduction of environmentally – friendly technologies” on 5th – 7th of December in Riga, Latvia.

The conference is organized with the support of Cleantech Latvia (Clean Technology Cluster of Latvia), Industrial Energy Efficiency Cluster of Latvia and Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Republic of Latvia.

The Programm:
The first day of the conference will be focused on discussions on the most effective strategy of solving environmental problems through the introduction of “green” technologies in all sectors of the economy, and on future cooperation between the two countries in areas such as urban infrastructure modernization, the latest trends and technologies for industrial building energy audits, water purification and water management, recycling, renewable energy sources and other technological solutions on new industrial project design and construction .

The second and third day of the conference will be devoted to sharing of experience and knowledge through technical tours. Participants of the conference will be visiting completed project sites and facilities which demonstrates the best practices in developing and implementation of clean technologies as well as  use of different technological know-how in order to ensure compliance with European Union standards.

Conference Venue and Time:
5th December 2013 – Conference Plenary Sessions in Riga City Council Meeting hall, Ratslaukums 1, Riga
6th and 7th December 2013 – technical tours: Introduction to implemented Clean Technology projects.


Participants of the conference:
Representatives of ministries, municipalities (akimats), entrepreneurs  business organizations of Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Latvia, as well as corporate executives and representatives from both countries.

Phone: +770 79707045 (Kazahstan)
Phone. +371 22333322 (Latvia)