Cleantech Latvia continues to introduce Kazakhstan market with Latvian water management companies

On the 5th of September CleanTech Latvia organized a seminar “Latvian experience in transition from Soviet Union’s infrastructures to modern solutions in the field of water management and water supply” in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The event was held into framework of two important industry exhibitions: „EcoTech 2013” and „Aqua-Therm 2013 Almaty . Following CleanTech Latvia member companies where represented at the seminar:

–        „Akorda” Ltd. (management and consulting for water management and recycling projects);
–        „EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas” Ltd. (biological waste water treatment plants)
–        „Watex” Ltd. (water technologies and water management services);
–        „Biotehniskais centrs” JSC (automation of industrial and utility processes);
–        „Karme Filtrs” Ltd. (water treatment plants and installation);
–        „Belss” Ltd. (water and waste water system design and energy efficiency projects).

In the seminar Latvian business representatives presented to Kazakh municipal representatives and entrepreneurs their experience in modernization of water management infrastructures according to standards of European Union. At the event Latvian business representatives also presented a joint offer and technical solutions for water management system modernisation and construction directly for geographical, climatic and socioeconomically aspects of Kazakhstan.

This was the third time when Cleantech Latvia members visited Kazakhstan. Previously this year Latvian water management companies already presented their joint offer at the exhibition „Atyrau Build 2013”. Seeing a great opportunity and potential in the Central Asia’s countries especially in Kazakhstan, cluster members have defined it as one of the most essential export markets.

„Akorda” Ltd. Board member Artūrs Šveide says “Because during the last two visits we attended relatively small scale exhibitions which wasn’t directly dedicated to environmental sector we cannot yet talk about specific deals and contracts. But this time while attending the exhibition in Almaty we see that the potential of finding new partners and making new deals is much higher. Regarding the seminar, I have to say that at the previous visit in spring we were positively surprised about high interest from businessmen of Kazakhstan. Taking in mind their mentality and high cautiousness we can consider the last semester as successful. I think that this time the event will be even better attended.”