Cluster CLEANTECH LATVIA has gotten the European Cluster Excellence Bronze Certificate

Europe has three levels of excellence in cluster management field. The European Cluster Analysis Secretariat award a bronze, silver or gold certificate depending on the level of cluster development.

This label shows the cluster management organization’s interest in cluster excellence, which is reflected in its participation in the ESCA benchmarking. This label is received by cluster management organizations participating in the peer review conducted by ESCA and granted for a period of two years. Certification is the evaluation of the cluster management system and the level of development that is comparatively valued in the context of the best industry in Europe. In the evaluation, recommendations were made that should be taken into account and implemented by clusters in the coming years in order to further improve performance.

For more information on the European Cluster Excellence Certificate, read here.

Activity was implemented within the framework of the project “Cluster CLEANTECH LATVIA” No.