CLEANTECH LATVIA participates in Wastewater Management Conference in Prague

On 10-16 September, SIA “Grupa 93” Project Manager Juriy Kondratenko, being a CLEANTECH LATVIA partner, participated in the 14th International Conference on Urban Drainage “ICUD 2017” that is held once in three years and is the most important conference of such a type worldwide.

More than 700 participants from various countries took part in the conference, where they held more than 500 presentations on various, related to wastewater management, topics.

Up-to-date research and practical experience results that introduce innovative methods and technologies in water supply, and wastewater management particularly, were presented during the conference. There were gained experience and contacts in latest technologies and approaches that could be developed and offered to CLEANTECH LATVIA members. Likewise, important contacts for mutual projects in export markets were acquired.

Main learned lessons from the conference:

  • As a result of climate change quantity and intensity of the precipitations increases, moreover, the intensity of extreme rain showers is predicted to raise even more (up to 50-70%) compared to the average amount of precipitations (10-15%). The forecast shall be kept in mind when planning building or reconstruction of infrastructure.
  • Rainwater ceases to be perceived as wastewaters, which should be removed from the territory as soon as possible, but is rather considered a resource, which might be used to improve urban landscape and microclimate, for recreation and agriculture. The importance of urban planning increases within this aspect, because rainwater management infrastructure still is an industry where engineering competence is not enough.
  • Dynamic hydrological and hydraulic modelling has already become a common practice in leading countries and is more often used not only to analyse various urban development and precipitation scenarios, but also for real time infrastructure administration, introducing RTC (real time control) and MPC (model predicted control) solutions. Detailing data, as well as respective forecasts, are necessary for this control. RTC solutions are able to ensure significant capital investment savings through more effective usage and integration of “grey” and “green” infrastructure.
  • Lifetime costs and overall environmental impact of “green” infrastructure solutions are lower than conventional or “grey” solutions, they are also able to ensure water purification. However, it demands maintenance and effective management in a way every infrastructure does.

These and other quotes are also going to be used in CLEANTECH LATVIA work, when making presentations on various, rain water management related, topics and during the meetings.

The visit was implemented with the support of project “Cluster CLEANTECH LATVIA”