Delegation of Latvian entrepreneurs visits Uzbekistan to promote cooperation in the area of clean technologies

On February 23-27 of this year a delegation of Latvian officials and entrepreneurs visits Uzbekistan, Tashkent and Samarkand, in order to further trans-national cooperation in the area of environmental technologies between the European Union and Central Asia.

As a part of this visit, a seminar called “Cooperation opportunities in the area of environmental technologies” will be held on February 25, it will be attended by representatives of “Cleantech Latvia”, or Latvian Cluster of Clean Technologies, who will also give their presentations. It will be opened by Latvian ambassador to Uzbekistan Edgars Bondars. This seminar is the first event in the Republic of Uzbekistan which represents the role of Latvia as the European Union’s presiding country in the area of environmental issues beyond the boundaries of the EU.

“Due to its unique history and geographical position Latvia as the European Union’s presiding country can position itself not only as the center for making political decisions, but also as a bridge in the business area between Europe and Central Asia. Recent years’ significant development of environmental technologies in our country can serve as a great example to countries of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, so that tomorrow we could all live in a greener, cleaner and more Earth-friendly world,” Andrejs Pumpurs, leader of the Green Bridge Forum, says.

The seminar’s schedule includes discussion on introducing environmental technologies and implementing new development projects between Latvia and Uzbekistan, covering also such topics as investment projects in the area of nature protection, development of drinking water and sewage treatment systems, energy efficiency solutions, waste management, soil purification and enrichment, and planting in territories.

Latvia in this seminar and visit to Uzbekistan will be represented by delegates from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, delegates from the Jurmala City Council, management of “Cleantech Latvia” and cluster members – entrepreneurs. The visit’s schedule includes meetings with environmental authorities and their representatives, local municipalities, managers and experts of ecology departments of private and municipal companies. Likewise, residing representatives of embassies of other European Union countries to the Republic of Uzbekistan will be invited to participate in the seminar.

After the seminar, in honor of the Latvian presidency’s first event in Uzbekistan, a reception will be held in the embassy and attended not only by the event’s participants, but also by representatives of the diplomatic corps and Uzbekistan’s governmental institutions and enterprises. A significant interest in the seminar has been shown by local mass media.

In addition, the delegates will visit exhibitions “UzBuild 2015” and “Aqua-therm Tashkent 2015” taking place in Tashkent, as well as individual meetings with Uzbekistan’s entrepreneurs.

This visit and seminar will start a discussion for the notable and influential forum “Green Bridge Forum 2015” – Pathway to cooperation in the area of clean technologies between European Union and Central Asia – which will take place on April 15-18 of this year in Jurmala, Latvia. This event will be one of the most important environmental events in the context of Latvia’s Presidency in the European Union which will be dedicated to enhancing cooperation in the area of environmental technologies and solutions between countries of the European Union and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan).

The forum will have at least 250 participants, including high-level politicians – environmental ministers of countries of the European Union and Central Asia, leading innovators and researchers, industry experts, business representatives – manufacturers, technology introducers and investors, as well as opinion leaders from Europe, Central Asia and other countries.

“Cleantech Latvia” unifies more than 20 business entities which co-finance and support activities of the cluster. Total turnover of these companies exceeded 700 million euros in 2013, with number of employees reaching about 900. The cluster was created with support of the European Union structural funds in the framework of the Regional Development Fund’s program.

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