CLEANTECH LATVIA goes to study trip to Norway

On January 12-14 Cleantech Latvia representatives Dina Eglīte and Anete Meļņika together withMHD Research Centre representative Toms Beinerts and ZAAO representative Māris Kampenuss made a study trip to Norway as a part of “The Nordic-Baltic Mobility and Network Programme for Business and Industry” project.

During the study trip delagation  visited Raufoss Industrial Park, which is a significant Norwegian Industrial Park that houses nearly 40 different companies and research centers. The discussion was attended by Norwegian company representatives from Kjeller Innovasjon, which works in the field of developing new business and research ideas, and Proneo, which specializes in start-up coordination, development and also has a business incubator to manage. The participants discussed several topics regarding their experiences and areas of activities and came to conclusion that both sides, Latvian and Norwegian, could work successfully together in order to acquire Eastern markets and create and develop new technological innovations. Norwegian partners were especially interested in innovative solutions for electromagnetic system applications in metallurgy and new type of independent magnet systems for mixing aluminum and other light metals that were presented by MHD Research Centre.


On the second day of the visit Cleantech Latvia met several representatvies from OREEC (Oslo renewable energy and environment cluster), who work in the field of renewable energy and environment and with whom Cleantech Latvia already has worked on Coolsweep project.

GreenGas, which is a member company of OREEC, also took a part in the meeting. Greengas has developed innovative small biogas factory technology for farms and hotels in Norway and foreign markets.  During the discussionCleantech Latvia shared gained experience about the specifics of Central Asia market and already achieved results in order to encourage their interest in a market that has huge potential and to promote the possibility of cooperation on carrying out different activities.


The visit ended with Cleantech Latvia visit to Tomra waste recycling point. Where the delegation was introduced with company’s work concept and recently implemented modernization which delegation was able see up close. New optical sorting equipment and fully mechanized sorting makes Tomra one of the cutting edge waste recycling companies in the world.

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