A number of events were held in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, in cooperation with CLEANTECH LATVIA together with the Uzbek Association of Engineering Consultants “UZACE” and water Supply and Sanitation Enterprises “Kazakhstan Su Arnasy”,  within the framework of the project “Capacity building of industry associations serving engineering companies in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – ENGINE”, which is co-financed by the European Union in within the program “Central Asia Invest V”.

September 6, 2022 ENGINE WEEK has started in Tashkent. Together with the event, a pilot course “GREEN SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE RAINWATER MANAGEMENT” was launched. The opening ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of Latvia to Uzbekistan Reinis Troksha, representatives of the Ministry of Construction of Uzbekistan, as well as the leading partners of the ENGINE project: Cleantech Latvia and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Uzbekistan-UzACE. All participants noted the particular importance of the ENGINE project in developing the potential of engineers in Uzbekistan, and also called for further dialogue between all parties involved.

On September 7, 2022 in Uzbekistan the second training course “INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER” within the framework of ENGINE WEEK was held. During the opening, questions were raised about how important it is for manufacturing companies to ensure that wastewater from production processes is properly treated before it enters the public network, and in general, to take responsibility for the environmental impact of economic activities.

Experts from Europe shared their experience related to European regulation in the field of wastewater management, trying together with local experts to find more suitable solutions in Uzbekistan. Further, a delegation of experts from Latvia held the pilot course “GREEN SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE RAINWATER MANAGEMENT” in Shymkent, Kazakhstan on September 8, 2022.

The opening was attended byrepresentatives of the Association of water supply and sanitation enterprises “Kazakhstan Su Arnasy”; CLEANTECH LATVIA; representatives of housing and communal services of the city of Shymkent; Representatives of the Shymkent City LLP “Water Resources – Marketing” (Vodokanal). The relevance of decisions on sustainable rainwater management in the regions of Kazakhstan, including in project aspects, was especially noted. The effectiveness and integration of rainwater treatment approaches into the city’s infrastructure was widely discussed. The experts appreciated the special attention of the ENGINE project to the problem of rainwater management in Kazakhstan.

On September 13, the next training course “INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER” was held in Nur-Sultan. The opening was attended by V. Sundyukov, President of the Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Enterprises “Kazakhstan su arnasy”; E. Pudane, General Director of CLEANTECH LATVIA; Representatives of the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation of the Committee for Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan; as well as representatives of the akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan.

During the event, issues of modernizing the regulatory framework and quality control of industrial wastewater, as well as their treatment based on the experience of European countries, were actively discussed.

The publication was prepared with the financial support of the European Union, within the framework of the project “Building the capacity of industry associations of engineering companies in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan” (Agreement No. ACA/2019/4120712).

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