Education - Overcoming the technology and resource management challenges by advocating for the Cleantech education and training. Engaging local and foreign innovators, experts and mentors to create knowledge base for new advancements in the field.
Water management - Seeking state of the art solutions for Water & Wastewater Treatment, Purification, Filtration and Conservation. Introducing and adapting globally recognized approaches and methods to local market.
Renewables - Engaging innovations that use, enable and accelerate the migration to renewable energy: Biofuels & Biomaterials, Fuel Cells, Energy Storage, Solar Systems, Energy Efficiency
Recycling - Finding the most recognized, efficient and cost effective methods for Recycling Waste to Energy, Mixed Wastes, Waste Treatment, Metals, Plastic/Rubber, and Management of Hazardous Waste.
Agriculture - Finding the most efficient and environmentally friendly approaches to Land and Forest Management, Natural Pesticides, Corp Yield, Sustainable Fertilizers that maximize the utilization of local resources and promotes Cleantech principles
Advanced Materials - Bringing innovation to applied sciences field to provide more efficient and out of box solutions for development and application of new advanced materials while maintaining and developing core competences for Cleantech sector.
Technology Transfer - Bringing the expertise and support to fill the gap between invention and innovation to support commercialization of clean technology inventions and solutions, transfer of knowledge and practical experience from science to business.
R&D - Promoting close cooperation among researchers and entrepreneurs in development of new products and technologies. Facilitating and bringing together groups of most innovative and advanced experts to collaborate on solving todays most significant Cleantech challenges.
Manufacturing - Introducing the most recognized solutions to production of globally competitive Cleantech products and services and maximizing the local potential in the field while introducing local companies and products to Cleantech global market.

Cleantech member profiles

Inducont, Ltd
Water management, energy efficiency, trade in industrial components
Janis Zviedris
Inducont is focused on industrial companies, municipalities and other legal entities. They supply and install equipment in dairies, breweries, water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as in steam and condensate collection systems. They offer automatic monitoring systems in sewage pumping stations or artesian wells. Company offers a full range of services - from design stage to equipment installation, comissioning and service.
Grupa93, Ltd
Urban planning
Neils Balgalis
+371 67217043
Is a leading Latvian consultancy firm in the field of urban planning and regional development. In the 20 years the company exists they have accumulated experience in more than 100 local and district municipalities of different scale, state institutions, companies and private land owners mainly in Latvia, but also in Russia, Lithuania and Estonia. They have worked extensively in projects financed by international institutions including the World Bank, UNDP and the European Commission.
Heliotherm Baltics, Ltd
Innovative and energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling system design, sales, installation and service.
Mareks Konons
+371 29335554
IT services
Aivars Lokmanis
+371 26333512
Provide full life-cycle services – requirements analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of software systems as well as mainframe application development. Perform about 30 consultancy and software development projects annually.
Saukas kūdra, Ltd
Peat extraction and processing
Dainis Aļeksējevs
Company extracts and processes milled peat and block peat. 250000-350000m3 of peat are extracted anually in 540 ha licensed area in Sauka peat bog. In factory peat is being fractioned, screened and packed. Peat quality allows to use it for horticulture. Company is interested in attracting new partners.
Rubber Products, Ltd
Rubber recycling
Zanda Berga
+371 26459678
Company is engaged in: R&D of innovative natural and synthetic rubber alternatives; R&D of modern methods of waste rubber de-vulcanization; R&D of solutions for specific ecological problems in the field; Sales of licenses for the use of its technological solutions; Manufacturing of next generation ecofriendly equipment used in waste tire utilization; Building ready to use innovative and ecofriendly tire recycling plants.
Conak Steel, Ltd
Industrial Equipment & Machinery Design
Ilze Kronberga
Company make production equipment engineering projects and develope production documentation in building steel construction sphere. At the moment company also develop their own products – module type stairs, handrails and elevator shafts. In cooperation with other companies Conak Steel provides full project realization from conceptual design conception and design, to the manufacturing and assembly.
Grindeks, JSC
Pharmaceutical company
Main fields of action are research, development, manufacturing and sales of original products, generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre
Scientific institute in molecular biology and biomedicine.
Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre is the leading scientific institute in molecular biology and biomedicine in Latvia
Biolat, JSC
Project planning and research in biomass industry and plant-origin products development.
Maris Daugavietis
Biolat manufactures biologically active substances from tree foliage and other plant biomass for food industry, pharmacy, cosmetics, plant protection etc.
Mechanics and Technology College of Olaine
Environment protection technology; Food quality Control; Biotechnology; Mechanics Engineering.
Biosan, Ltd
Sample preparation and analysis in Life Science.
Vasily Bankovsky
Biosan develops sample preparation products in the field of genomics, proteomics and cellomics.
Siltumelektroprojekts, JSC
Environment protection services.
Aija Sproģe
+371 67273414
Siltumelektroprojekts offers following environment protection services: The environmental substantiation of the construction and reconstruction projects; Development of environment protection measures for companies; Development of projects of determining maximum permissible emission limits for companies or institutions; Wastewater treatment systems.
Produce biological waste water treatment plants for private houses and offers installation of HDPE geomembrane lining.
Silvija Baļčūne
+371 29546564
General Energy Group, Ltd
Technology integration and project developing in the field of renewable energy, integrated waste management and resource efficiency.
Valdis Bisters
+371 29287062
Aims to bring together expertise in carbon markets, renewable energy and energy efficiency to work out sustainable solutions for green economy. The main challenge is to find right energy mix for sustainability already today. Company’s team and partners has good standing experience in renewable energy portfolio development, carbon trading, market research and development of financial instruments tailored to needs of low carbon economy.
MHD Research Centre, Ltd
Is a research institute in metallurgical field.
Toms Beinerts
+371 26599701
MHD Research Centre is a research institute that draws on results of more than 20 years of scientific and applied research of the University of Latvia and its’ partners in metallurgical field, primarily, magnetohydrodynamics in metal casting.
Auravia Latvia, Ltd
Company of biotechnologies operating in the business of surfactant production.
Kārlis Sams
Develop new and adapt the existing surface detergents for various engineering and business purposes, and provide advisory services regarding the most feasible application of these products. Company is specialized in production of anionic surfactants that has been synthesized from natural raw materials combining biotechnical and chemical processes. The uniqueness of the end product is that it is naturally biodegradable and environment friendly.
Ambervivus, Ltd
Environmental remediation project management company.
Mareks Bažovskis
+371 29240810
Pelikana, Ltd
Production of heat and electricity from renewable energy sources.
Edgars Kamišovs
+371 29256005
The company's main activity related to the production of heat and electricity from renewable energy sources (wood chips).
Aqua-Brambis, Ltd
Management and consulting of water and wastewater engineering projects.
Aivars Brambis
+371 67332087
Aqua-Brambis is constantly growing company which offers full range of services, providing feasibility studies, preparation for and running of the tenders, design of water supply and sewerage facilities, supervision of the projects at the construction stage and the guarantee period, cost calculation and control, coordination of work of local and foreign specialists.
Akorda, Ltd
Environmental infrastructure project management and consulting.
Arturs Sveide
+371 67289490
Akorda offers full range of water management services- from idea to its implementation and result evalution.
Full range of hazardous waste management services.
Māris Kalniņš
+371 29218918
BAO provides full range of hazardous waste management services, starting from collection and transportation of hazardoues waste up to disposal and recycling.
Belss, Ltd
Water and waste water system design and energy efficiency projects.
Karlis Maulics
+371 67322333
Belss is a wide profile company offering vast range of services in telecommunication, construction, various technical and scientific research fields.
Biotehniskais centrs, JSC
Participation in environmental protection projects using advanced process control systems. Bioreactors for soil purification.
Juris Vanags
+371 67553518
Biotechnology Center is a company with the most comprehensive experience in Latvia executing process control projects in water supply, waste water treatment equipment, wood processing, chemical technology, and energy industries to name a few.
A Holding, JSC
Production of aluminum alloys, processing and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, collection and recycling of hazardous waste.
Andrejs Morohins
+371 67545007
A Holding specializes in production of aluminium alloys by recycling of aluminum scrap. The main production of the company is aluminium casting alloys in ingots and extrusion billets of wrought aluminium.
EKO Osta, Ltd
Management of environmentally harmful products.
Ivars Briedis
+371 27839757
Eco Osta offers vast range of hazardous waste management services, including purification and treatment of waste waters, reclamation, collection and reclamation of oil filters, design production and construction.
Eko Standarts Technologies, Ltd
Biological waste water treatment plants.
Guntars Vingris
+371 29258588
Ekostandarts Technologies offers full range of biological waste water treatment solutions for private, industrial and municipal markets.
Environment, Bioenergetic and Biotechnology competence centre
Working within Fields of Biotechnology, Bioenergetics, Environmental Protection, Biomass Recycling and Nanotechnology.
Rasma Ludzina
+371 67558756
Technology for production of biogas from biomass; Facilities of technologies for anaerobic co-fermentation of sewage sludge and other organic substances; Research of non-reflective and impact-resistant coating technology; Biological treatment.
GroGlass, Ltd
Anti-reflective coatings on glass for architectural, technical, art framing, photovoltaic and horticultural purposes.
Dace Ose
+371 67502906
GroGlass produces the most versatile and high-quality anti-reflective glass coatings. The enterprise has more than 45 years of expertise in large-area thin-film coatings which dates back from Soviet Aerospace sector.
Institute of Physical Energetics
Energy Research
Irina Oleinikova
+371 67558600
Main activities of IPE cover a wide scope of energy research issues, such as renewable energy resources, energy production, accumulation and storage, waste and pollution as well as research activities in water management.
Karme Filtrs, Ltd
Drinking and industrial water purification technologies.
+371 67618120
Karme Filtrs is specializing in drinking and industrial water purification technologies ensuring the best price-to-quality ratio.
Latvia University of Agriculture
Agriculture, Forestry and Food Technology Research Sandra Muizniece - Brasava
+371 63005644
Environmental Engineering and Water Management studies include agricultural runoff monitoring and forest drainage. Recent study by Faculty of Rural Engineering was on rain water influence on the operation of Riga sewage co-system.
Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry
Development of environment-friendly technologies for obtaining competitive materials and products from wood and other plant biomass.
Ugis Cabulis
+371 67553063
Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry develops environment-friendly and low-cost technologies for obtaining competitive materials and products from wood and other plant biomass for sustainable utilization of natural resources for economic, social and ecological benefits.
Latvijas Zalais elektrons, JSC
Hazardous waste management company.
Sergejs Timofejevs
+371 67320628
Latvijas Zalais Elektrons (Green Electron of Latvia) is hazardous waste management company established by Latvian manufacturers of electrical and electronical products and equipment.
Ragn-Sells, Ltd
Full-service solid waste company
Artūrs Šipko
+371 20221167
Ragn-Sells is a privately held corporate group operating companies in six countries. Ragn-Sells offers waste management, environmental services and recycling.
Riga Technical University
Feasibility Studies, Pilot and Technology Efficiency Research
Dr. Sc. Ing. Tālis Juhna
+371 67089400
Energy and electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunication, computer and IT, chemistry and chemical engineering, biomechanics and biomaterials technology, materials science and materials design, heat, gas and water engineering, construction science and geomatics, mechatronics and robotics, automotive,rail and air transport, engineering.
New Fuels, Ltd
Manufacturing Ecologically Clean Source of Energy Using the Forestry Residues in its Production
Matiss Paegle
+371 64605785
The pellet plant “NewFuels” is the third largest producer of wood pellets in Latvia with production capacity of circa 145 000 metric tons per annum. The company directly employs 30 people, but supports many other local businesses who benefit from the activity of pellet plant by either being involved in the supply of raw material or the provision of various other commercial related services.
Rotons, Ltd
Manufacturing of large-sized plastic products.
Armands Mucenieks
+371 29210801
Rotons specializes in manufacturing of large-sized plastic products for water supply, sewage treatment, food industry, road safety and gardens.
Sidrabe, JSC
Designing and manufacturing of vacuum deposition equipment.
Andrejs Balabkins
+371 67138886
Sidrabe is designing and manufacturing vacuum deposition equipment and developing unique processes coating on various materials.
LSFRI Silava
Forest Research
Dr. silv. Dagnija Lazdiņa
+371 67942555
Forest ecology and silviculture. Research on forest ecosystem structure and functions to achieve ecologically sound forest resources regeneration on a sustained basis. Elaboration of innovative technologies and forecast models for practical needs on the basis of experiments and observations.
Technobalt, Ltd
Technical conveying solutions - from idea and project until installed and tested equipment.
Ainis Feldorfs
+371 67605046
Technobalt Group has outgrown from a small resale business to the provider of technical conveying solutions, offering complete systems from idea and project until installed and tested equipment together with spare parts and maintenance. Today 100 qualified employees with different skills and certification work for Technobalt Group in all major Baltic areas. Note! More information on PDF in Russian.
VEGA 1, Ltd
Engineering systems, SBR plants and biogas cogeneration stations.
+371 63481064
VEGA 1 is a Latvian company providing construction, installation and service of cooling, conditioning, ventilation, electric power supply, heat, water supply, sewerage and low-woltage electrical systems.
VentEko, Ltd
Environmental consultations, trainings and engineering services.
Arta Bazovska
+371 67913155
VentEko is one of the leading companies in Baltic States providing a wide range of environmental consultations, trainings and engineering services.
Zala josta, Ltd
Waste management and organization of environmental education activities.
Janis Lapsa
+371 67607880
Zala Josta is a Latvian company that organizes management of used packaging, disposable dishes and tableware, environmentally harmful products and waste from electronic appliances.
Full-service solid waste company
Aivars Sirmais
+371 29231335
"ZAAO" LTD was founded in 1998 by North Vidzeme Region local governments. "ZAAO" LTD offers high quality waste management services to physical and legal persons in North Vidzeme Region including waste collection, sorting, transportation, recycling and disposal in an environmentally friendly way; it is also involved in educating and informing the community about waste issues.