International Conference on Low-Carbon and Sustainable Development

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia is to organize International Conference on Low-Carbon and Sustainable Development with the purpose to inform and discuss the necessity of low-carbon development and its benefits, intensify changes to become true, ensure experience exchange.

The first day will be completely devoted to the low-carbon development topic, whereas the second day will be dedicated to the issues of adaptation to climate changes.

Baltic countries leaders and experts’ discussions on the transfer to low-carbon development, the latest information about researches and experience on how to ensure low-carbon development, as well as European Commission, OECD and other organizations representatives’ presentations are to be conducted during the conference. Parallel sessions will give you an opportunity to talk over examples, problems and opportunities in low-carbon development for the industries with the largest GHG emissions – energy, transport and agriculture – and the possible solutions with entrepreneurs, government institutions, municipalities, households, youngsters etc.

Conference program will be available later in August, however, in case your organizations is interested in participation, its representative might want to reserve October 30-31 in his calendar, knowing that they become full pretty fast.

Additional information available at (conference contact person) or