Education - Overcoming the technology and resource management challenges by advocating for the Cleantech education and training. Engaging local and foreign innovators, experts and mentors to create knowledge base for new advancements in the field.
Water management - Seeking state of the art solutions for Water & Wastewater Treatment, Purification, Filtration and Conservation. Introducing and adapting globally recognized approaches and methods to local market.
Renewables - Engaging innovations that use, enable and accelerate the migration to renewable energy: Biofuels & Biomaterials, Fuel Cells, Energy Storage, Solar Systems, Energy Efficiency
Recycling - Finding the most recognized, efficient and cost effective methods for Recycling Waste to Energy, Mixed Wastes, Waste Treatment, Metals, Plastic/Rubber, and Management of Hazardous Waste.
Agriculture - Finding the most efficient and environmentally friendly approaches to Land and Forest Management, Natural Pesticides, Corp Yield, Sustainable Fertilizers that maximize the utilization of local resources and promotes Cleantech principles
Advanced Materials - Bringing innovation to applied sciences field to provide more efficient and out of box solutions for development and application of new advanced materials while maintaining and developing core competences for Cleantech sector.
Technology Transfer - Bringing the expertise and support to fill the gap between invention and innovation to support commercialization of clean technology inventions and solutions, transfer of knowledge and practical experience from science to business.
R&D - Promoting close cooperation among researchers and entrepreneurs in development of new products and technologies. Facilitating and bringing together groups of most innovative and advanced experts to collaborate on solving todays most significant Cleantech challenges.
Manufacturing - Introducing the most recognized solutions to production of globally competitive Cleantech products and services and maximizing the local potential in the field while introducing local companies and products to Cleantech global market.


CLEANTECH LATVIA in collaboration with the Finnish clusters – Finnish Water Forum and Green Net Finland – in the framework of European Structural and investment fund target „European Territorial cooperation” Central Baltic Sea Region Cross-border Cooperation Programme is implementing project „Central Baltic Cleantech Clusters expanding the East of EU markets” or CB2East (identification No. CB66).

The aim of the project is to strengthen Central Baltic region economic competitiveness, creating commercially oriented and mutually economically beneficial cooperation in the clean technology sector between clean technology clusters in Finland, Latvia, North West Russia and Central Asia. The priority areas of the project are sustainable energy efficiency and water inspection solutions.

In the framework of this project was established new meta-clusters, BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE – cooperation between Finnish Water Forum, CLEANTECH LATVIA and Green Net Finland clusters. For more information about, please visit BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE website:

The implementation period of the project: 1 September 2015 – 31 August 2018, the total funding of the project: 909 065 EUR, the European Structural and Investment Funds co-financing: 711 642 EUR.

Budget of CLEANTECH LATVIA in the project is 298 435 EUR, this amount consists of the European Structural and Investment Funds co-financing: 253 669 EUR, State budget co-financing: 14 921 EUR and CLEANTECH LATVIA financial contribution: 29 845 EUR.