CLEANTECH LATVIA receives Development Co-operation Grant

CLEANTECH LATVIA has concluded agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia on the implementation of the project “Latvian clean technologies cluster CLEANTECH LATVIA support for regional authorities (Hokimiyats) to raise capacity of rural regions in Uzbekistan” within the framework of the Development Co-operation Grant Program.
During the project trainings will be provided to responsible officials and specialists of 3 regional authorities of Uzbekistan, with the aim of building the economic and ecological capacity of these regions.

Training will be conducted within themes, which play an important role in the welfare of today’s societies and in the competitiveness of the regions:

  • effective natural resource management, planning of long-term development and economic prosperity of the region;
  • effective water resource management, introducing with approaches and technological solutions for drinking water preparation and waste water treatment;
  • municipal and household waste management, including planning of landfills and long-term investment projects implementation;
  • household waste in cities and regions, competent planning of landfills, sorting, recycling and dumping, as well as biogas obtainment, modern technologies and their pros and cons. Preparation of projects to obtain investments
  • Sustainable urban planning, efficient use of city resources, including accumulation and storage of storm waters, smart lightening and other important solutions for “smart” cities;
  • agricultural waste recycling solutions, including using biogas to produce biological fertilizers and their further utilization in agriculture, electricity obtainment for the needs of private households and society and soil reclamation through the use of different remediation methods.