CLEANTECH LATVIA agree on Waste-to-Energy department development

On April 15 CLEANTECH LATVIA and Riga Technical University`s (RTU) Institute of energy systems and environment (VASSI) signed an agreement on cooperation on creation of a Waste-to-Energy department within CLEANTECH LATVIA.

The functioning of the Waste-to-Energy department is organized and provided by VASSI during the implementation of Coolsweep project. The department is responsible for attraction of new members and for participation of the existing CLEANTECH LATVIA members in the implementation of various activities that contribute to the development of technological solutions and research on generating energy from the incineration of waste.

The main direction of the Waste-to-Energy department is internationalization activities which would promote international cooperation, implementation of projects developing new technologies, strenghtening of economic activity and the exchange of good practice and experience among the organizations and businesses working in the field.

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