CLEANTECH LATVIA visits Denmark for experience exchange and cooperation promotion

CleanTech Latvia representatives Dina Eglite and Anete Melnika in the frame of the project “The Nordic-Baltic Mobility and Network Programme for Business and Industry” together with representatives from „BAO” Corp. – Guna Berzina and from „ZAAO” Ltd. – Martins Niklass  went on a visit to Denmark from 12th to 13th March.

The aim of the visit was to get to know Danish cleantech companies and their support organizations that are interested in working overseas, especially in the markets of Central Asia, through projects of collaboration.

During the visit CLEANTECH LATVIA met with representatives of CLEAN – a Danish clean technology cluster. CLEAN is a major player in the field of clean technologies in Denmark and all around the world, bringing together more than 170 different companies and organizations, scientific and educational institutions and government bodies. CLEAN presented the main directions of its activities, the recent reorganization and experience, helping its members to go into foreign markets and promoting collaboration. Cleantech Latvia has already established cooperation with the cluster in the “Coolsweep” project. During the negotiations, companies’ “ZAAO” Ltd. and “BAO” Corp. experience in the waste management and possible co-operation of innovative technological solutions was also discussed. Negotiations will be continued in April when CLEAN and its members will come to Latvia. Both companies successfully demonstrated their potential and were interested in the continuation of the negotions on possible cooperation in various projects.

On the second day of the visit CLEANTECH LATVIA met with Cleanfield dealing with remediation by refining oil-polluted soil. The company has also developed its own special technology “BioBox” that allows supervisors to stay of the ground and run tasks remotely. During the negotiations, “Auravia Latvia” Ltd. proposed detergent was presented, which can also be used for soil treatment, and possible cooperation in the Central Asian market acquisition was discussed.

After the meeting the delegation went to a waste collection and recycling company ARC, belonging to 5 municipalities in the central region of Denmark. At the present there is a major construction work at the company because a new recycling landfill is being built. The idea is to combine the landfill with skiing complex on the top, where people throughout the year would be able to enjoy winter activities, in an attempt to create a new image for the collection of waste and recycling, showing it as a modern and people friendly process. ARC had also a new technology Renescience to present –  it is invented to mix municipal waste with enzymes, forming processes in which the waste is sorted into recyclable, usable for energy production applications, etc. This technology makes it possible to recycle more efficiently, resulting in more energy from the waste collected.


In the conclusion, the delegation visited Kalundborg Symbiosis which represents companies located in Kalundborg using each other’s byproducts or sharing their resources any other way.  Kalundborg Symbiosis combines 51 such flow and is the oldest of this type of eco-industrial parks. CLEANTECH LATVIA was introduced with its historical development, the potential future development and with specifics with such an eco-industrial park. Kalundborg Symbiosis success is based on voluntary regional enterprise desire to collaborate in the effective use of resources: one company’s energy resources or surpluses are used for other’s operations. As a result, in the region between different companies a production chain without residue is built. This information was interesting for the delegation and in their opinion it seems to be applicable not only in Latvia, but also in Central Asia.